Production Specifications

Trim size: 10.25 inches wide by 12.625 inches deep (actual trim size may vary)

Image area: 9.5 inches wide by 11.125 inches deep

Spread: 19.75 inches wide by 12.5 inches deep

Closing deadlines: Third Monday of each month

Production requirements: The Snohomish County Business Journal is a stitched-and-trimmed publication, printed on Electrobright newsprint with a newspaper web offset press. Ad-Lito color process inks are used. Spot colors will be matched using process color inks. PMS inks are not available.

Digital Ad Specifications

Print Specifications

Film: 85-, 100- or 120-line screen, emulsion down, right reading. One color per film. Color proof must be furnished.

Electronic delivery: Available via AdSend or Internet FTP.


Contact Gary Hauff at 425-339-3445 or for more information.

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