Published August 2005

Cogswell College to offer master’s degree
in professional engineering

By John Wolcott
SCBJ Editor

Building on the popularity of Henry Cogswell College’s bachelor degrees in digital arts, computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and professional management, the college is ready to launch an engineering master’s degree program.

Dr. el-Hadi Aggoune, vice president of academic affairs, said in an interview that the years of preparation and academic approval of the proposed master’s program by such governing bodies as Washington state’s Higher Education Board have been completed.

“We are just looking for interest from students now and beginning to publicize the program,” he said. “It’s a major addition to our curriculum. We have the quality staff and a master’s program just seems like a natural growth of our engineering programs.”

He said he sees many students at Cogswell going on to study for master’s degrees in engineering at the University of Washington and elsewhere, even though qualified faculty is already in place at Cogswell. Now that the critical academic reviews and approvals are in hand, he expects the master’s program could begin this winter, perhaps even by the fall courses if there is enough interest.

The master’s degree in engineering is unique in many ways, he said.

“Once students have completed their bachelor degree in mechanical or electrical engineering or computer science, they can then specialize in one of those areas of choice for their master’s degree,” he said.

Even though the quality of the school’s academic programs is high, approval of a master’s program by the Higher Education Board and Cogswell’s board of directors is “a real vote of confidence for our faculty for an educational institution of our size,” he said.

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