Published August 2005

Survey predicts increased hiring in county

By SCBJ Staff

Employers in the Everett and Lynnwood metro area are expecting to hire at a steady pace during the third quarter of this year, according to a survey from worldwide employment services company Manpower Inc.

From July to September, 33 percent of the companies interviewed planned to hire more employees, while 20 percent expected to reduce their payrolls, and 47 percent expected to maintain their current staff levels, according to the “Manpower Employment Outlook Survey.”

“Employers in the Everett/ Lynnwood area have more favorable hiring intentions than in the second quarter, when 23 percent of the companies interviewed intended to add staff, and 20 percent planned to reduce headcount,” said Manpower spokeswoman Jill Olinger.

But employers are more cautious when compared to a year ago, when 34 percent of companies surveyed said hiring increases were likely and only 10 percent said they intended to cut back, Olinger said.

Which sectors will be hiring this quarter?

According to the Manpower survey, job prospects appear best in nondurable goods manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, education and public administration.

Employers in transportation and public utilities planned to reduce staffing levels this quarter, the survey shows, while those in durable goods manufacturing and finance, insurance and real estate voiced mixed hiring intentions.Employers in construction and services were unsure of their hiring intentions.

On the national front, the Manpower survey found companies a bit less willing to hire but more reluctant to fire than in Snohomish County during the third quarter, with 31 percent of the 16,000 U.S. employers surveyed expecting to add to their payrolls and 6 percent anticipating a decrease in employment opportunities. Fifty-seven percent expect to maintain their work-force status quo.


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