Providence Everett Medical Center's chief executive welcomes the community to Snohomish County's newest health-care facility

Raising funds for the Pavilion was a joint effort by the health-care and business communities and the community at large

A new era in regional health-care begins — an overview of the $56 million Pavilion

Designed to handle the entire birthing process, from labory to recovery, the Pavilion's new suites have a family-centered focus

The community benefits through the Pavilion's partnership of health-care providers

Architects use elements of nature to make the Pavilion an inviting place for patients, staff and visitors

The economic impact of the Pavilion began pre-construction and will continue as more staff members are added to Providence's payroll

Providence Everett Medical Center embarks on a 20-year site plan

Providence Everett Medical Center Board of Directors (a list)

Driving directions to the Pavilion

Pavilion contact information (a list)

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